The other day, I watched a webinar about blog curation. Admittedly, I’ve been in the IM field for several years now, but I have never come across this term before.


So today I did some digging to learn more about it, and here are my findings.


The best kind of website you can have, is one where visitors are engaged enough that they keep coming back on a regular basis. But to do that you need to regularly add new content to it, and there lies the problem that a lot of website owners have – where to get great content ideas and adding good quality content. Blog curation is a solution to that problem.



What is blog curation?


Blog curation is similar to what has been known as autoblogging. Autoblogging is simply setting up a wordpress blog and automatically taking content from other websites and adding it your own website. The downside of autoblogging is that most of the content that is automatically posted to your website is rubbish. So your website will fill up with bad content that is of no real interest to your visitors and does not give them much reason to return. Also, search engines do not like autoblogs and Google has been deindexing autoblogs left right and center, quite rightly, in my view!


Blog curation is different to autobloging in that you, the website owner actually review the content BEFORE it is published on your website.


It’s like being the curator of a museum, or art gallery curator. These people are regularly presented with items to exhibit, but they only want to show the quality exhibits that are of interest to their visitors. Blog curation is very similar.


You, the blog curator will spend an hour a day, sifting through the Internet looking for quality articles, videos or other content to publish on your website. The twist is that you add your own thoughts on the content, therefore making the content unique for your visitors.


You also should not take the content of others and publish it on your website, you could get in trouble with copyright issues! But to do blog curation effectively, you link to the original content source. For instance you could quote a paragraph from the source and add you take on it but never forgetting to link back to the source.


You may be put off though, because finding the good stuff from all the garbage on the Internet could be very time consuming, but there are tools available that help you find the content, saving you an enormous amount of time. In fact, if you use these tools it should take you no-more than an hour a day to add the new content to your website.



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