It is often the way that when things aren’t going the way we planned, we tend to use our minds in very negative ways.  We let our minds focus on the the things we don’t want to happen. It sapps our energy, our motivation and our confidence in ourselves.


I know this because earlier this year I feared somethings happening in my life, and through that fear I focused on what may happen, and guess what? They did!

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When we have ups and downs in our lives, whether it be work related, family related or in our friendships, we often ask ourselves a small question, is it me?

Although some would argue that this is a complex question requiring a complex answer based on the individual, but I think it boils down to the way we look at ourselves and the way we see ourselves.


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As with many of you, I am on quite a few email lists, and I often get products recommended by the list owners. Some time ago though, after buying some pretty naff products I started to do a little research on these products, before I spent any money.


So, today I got an email about a new product called Above The Matrix, which on reading the sales page sounds like the sort of product that will help make lots of money.


I’m not going to trash the product, I haven’t bought it so am not going comment on t, but I think I should draw your attention to this thread on the Warrior Forum. Personally I trust the things that most people on the Warrior Forum have to say about products so, my advice, don’t buy it until you have read through the thread.



FanPageTsunami2 ReviewFacebook has done Internet Marketers a huge favour recently. By changing their system to only allow iframes on Fan Pages, they have made it extremly easy for markers like you, to put virtually anything you want on your Fan pages using Fan Page Templates.


One of the biggest problems that new Internet Marketers face when setting up Fan Pages is having a great professional looking page that draws peoples attention and calls them to action…


Well not any more. Pixelcrafter has created a massive set of graphics for you to use to create Facebook Fan Pages. The package includes over 200 Fan Page templates that you can modify to your needs. And what’s even better is that he has included instructional videos that show you step-by-step how to customise the templates, as well as how to create the Facebook Fan Page.


There are a couple of things that I would change though. Pixelcrafter recommends usng Adobe Dreamweaver to modify the HTML pages. Now Dreamweaver, although a great piece of software, is not cheap. A cheaper (FREE) alternative is Kompozer.


He also recommends using Adobe Photoshop to modify the graphics, again though there is a Free alternative. Gimp, is an open source graphics editor and can be used to read and modify .PSD files (the Photoshop format).

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Wordpress For Fan Pages Package

Get WordPress For Fan Pages and Make Money From Business Owners

If you have been in Internet Marketing for a while, you will know that a great way to make money in niche markets is by using the power of WordPress to quickly create websites and then monetise them with either affiliate products or your own product, and then drive traffic to them.


This is a great way to make money on the Internet.


On Facebook, you can do the same by monetising a Fan page, and building a following of active fans. You can even create customised pages that show your offers directly off Facebook, using FBML (Facebook Markup Language).


If you combine the two, by using Facebook to drive people to a WordPress website, you can create a very powerful system for making money.

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Most Internet Marketers think of using Private Label Rights (PLR) products as an easy way to make money online. And they are! PLR Products can save you a lot of time because you don’t need to create an information product from scratch. All you need to do is edit the PLR product, put your website or marketing message on it and sell it through your website.


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Make Money With Facebook

Make Money With Facebook

I had the chance to review FBAutoCash at the weekend… a brand new course by Mark Anastasi, a successful online marketer from Cyprus (a small island in the Mediterranean).


He makes millions of dollars as an affiliate, a seminar host and promoter, and a top JV partner for most of the big launches that have occurred in 2010 and 2011… but I had no idea that he was involved in Facebook in any way, until recently.



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When most people start out in internet marketing, making money through affiliate marketing can seem like an impossible task. There is so much information, and misinformation about how to go about it that you can quickly become overwhelmed into inaction. What do I mean by overwhelmed by inaction? Simply it means you spend so much time reading up and researching how to make money online that you do not take any steps towards your goal of making money online and get confused as to what actual steps you should be taking on a daily basis.


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To be successful at making money through internet marketing you need 2 things that money can’t buy; Mindset and Motivation. What do I mean?


If you read through some internet marketing forums you’ll see lots of posts by people who have tried to make money on the Internet and have either failed but are still looking for that golden secret or just quit. The statisics that are bandied around say that 95% of people who try Internet Marketing fail to make any money at all.


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There are 6 basic ways to make money online:


1. Promote affiliate products

2. Google adsense

3. Sell a service

4. Sell advertising

5. Sell physical products (think ebay)

6. Sell information


You’ll notice that the last 4 all involve selling something. That’s the approach I want to talk to you about today.


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