Wordpress For Fan Pages Package

Get WordPress For Fan Pages and Make Money From Business Owners

If you have been in Internet Marketing for a while, you will know that a great way to make money in niche markets is by using the power of WordPress to quickly create websites and then monetise them with either affiliate products or your own product, and then drive traffic to them.


This is a great way to make money on the Internet.


On Facebook, you can do the same by monetising a Fan page, and building a following of active fans. You can even create customised pages that show your offers directly off Facebook, using FBML (Facebook Markup Language).


If you combine the two, by using Facebook to drive people to a WordPress website, you can create a very powerful system for making money.

But, due to recent changes on Facebook, FBML is no longer an option for setting up custom pages, so what’s the solution?


Facebook is making iframes available for custom pages and this actually allows us to have more scope in what you can  put in the custom pages, the only thing is that you now need to have your own hosting, to host the pages that will be served to the Facebook iframes.


You also maybe think that you need website design skills to create these pages, which puts many people off of doing them.


However, wouldn’t it be great to be able to setup a WordPress (I’m assuming you know how), and then use that to provide the pages within a Facebook Fan Page iframe.


Well you can, with WordPress For Fan Pages! With very little technical knowledge, you can set up a WordPress website, and then on Facebook setup an App that draws it’s content from the WordPress website. It’s really easy to do, and the author even provides you with detailed video instructions on how to do it.


What is even better is that WordPress for Fan Pages, comes with 8 themes ideally suited for use on Facebook and it includes code that allows you to hide a tabbed page until a visitor clicks on Facebooks Like button. When they do that , the hidden page becomes available for them to see.


This is great for small offline business owners, because they can provide money off coupons to visitors, but only if that visitor clicks the Like button… the possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Another great use for this is if you setup a Fan page and include the WP-eCommerce plugin in the WordPress installation, you can have a shopping cart right on Facebook itself; you’ll have business owners beating down your door when they find out you can set this up for them!


WordPress For Fan Pages makes it really easy to make money from small buisness owners because the owners have all heard of Facebook and many are sat there wondering how they can tap into such a huge market. You could be charging $299 to set up a WordPress Fan Page for them and also have a monthly maintenance contract with them so you can make even more!


Here’s a Facebook Fan Page I created that shows you how it works. Click here to view it in a new window.


WordPress For Fanpages is a very small investment of just $27, click here to check it out and watch the video to see it in action.



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