Creating digital products to sell on the Internet can be a very time consuming and complex venture. But making money with Private Label Rights products gives you a head start.


You see, a simple ebook to sell shouldn’t take more than a few hours to create (if you are a good writer) but if, for instance, you have a great idea for a WordPress plugin, well that is most likely going to take some time to do, as well as cost you quite a bit of money, if you don’t have the technical skills to right software products.


These obstacles can be easily overcome though, by getting Private Label Rights to existing products.



For those that don’t already know, Private Label Rights (or PLR) products are products that you can buy on the Internet that you are given the rights to put your own name or branding on, and sell and keep 100% of the profits for yourself, as opposed to affiliate marketing, where you make a commission on someone elses product.


But the art is finding a PLR product or products that are of good quality and that you are happy to put your name or branding on! You see not all PLR products are the equal. Some are downright rubbish and a waste of you time and money, and some a excellent.


Henry Golds’ PLR Extreme Blowout is definitely in the excellent category.


PLR Extreme Blowout, gives you 8 PLR packages in one massive product. In this package you get the wholesale PLR and Master Resell Rights (which gives you the right to not only sell the product, but also sell the rights for others to sell) to a huge arsenal of high quality products to get you started making money on the Internet.


In this package you get:


  • 52 PDF’s modules on starting monthly membership websites


  • A massive collection of Private Label Rights pre-written articles in many different niches, to use for your membership websites


  • 20+ WordPress Plugins with Master Resell Right – this in itself is huge simply because WordPress is the platform of choice to most Internet Marketers because it is so easy to setup and use!


  • And if you don’t yet know how to use WordPress – you get 8 sets of videos to quickly learn, and you get Master Resell Rights to these video sets, so you can literally earn while you learn!


  • 70 Fully developed membership websites packed with excellent content – you can build multiple recurring income streams with these.


  • 20 Hot new social media volumes – teaching you how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your membership websites using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media channels. And what’s really good about this is that you can put the knowledge to use selling your social media services to offline business – who mostly don’t have a clue!


  • Learn how to make big money Flipping websites video package. What is Website Flipping? It is setting up websites and then selling them on for profit – this is big business and for a small time investment can bring in big money. And, you don’t have to be technically competent either!


Henry Gold’s PLR Extreme Blowout provides not only Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights products to sell and profit from, but also all the knowledge that you, the beginning Internet Marketer, need to get started making money online.


Of all the PLR packages I have seen, this is probably the most comprehensive one that I have seen in a long time, and by taking massive action on the step-by-step content it provides, I have no doubt that this package will give you a jump start in making money on the Internet.


Make money with Private Label Rights Products

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