With many people ditching their desktop and laptop computers in favor of using their mobile devices, a huge opportunity has opened up for the savvy marketer to make money from offline businesses providing them with Mobile Website Design services.


You see, most small business owners don’t know how to make a mobile website and that it should be made very differently to its “conventional” website. Mobile users want information fast, they don’t want to wait around for the website to load and then have to scroll around viewing tiny text and squished images to find what they are looking for, they just want information.


On top of that, most other local website designers will not have a clue on how to make a mobile website either, and you may not either, but if you can use WordPress, you can build mobile friendly websites very quickly with a very special plugin.


This plugin allows you to design the mobile website just by clicking buttons and adding pages, pretty much as you would do with any WordPress website, but the difference is, if pitched right businesses owners will pay you well for doing it.


Now if you have a spare 89 minutes, there is an awesme video that shows you how this all works and how you can make money selling your mobile website design services, just click here to watch it.


how to make moble websites

Or if you just want to find out how to make a mobile website, click here.


Be warned though, this WordPress plugin for mobiles is not cheap, but if you sell your services in building these things, just one sale will more than cover the cost of the devolper licence.



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