To be successful at making money through internet marketing you need 2 things that money can’t buy; Mindset and Motivation. What do I mean?


If you read through some internet marketing forums you’ll see lots of posts by people who have tried to make money on the Internet and have either failed but are still looking for that golden secret or just quit. The statisics that are bandied around say that 95% of people who try Internet Marketing fail to make any money at all.



So the question is why do so many people fail?


Whilst we are growing up we are programmed by our parents, our circumstances and those around us to behave in certain ways. These surroundings teach us to work hard at school to get good grades so that when we eventually leave school we can get a good job that will pay us a monthly check, and allow us to have a reasonably comfortable life.


Depending on the circumstances of our childhood, this subconscious programming puts limitations on us, that for most people virtually force them to toe-the-line, get a job and be thankful for it. It also puts a limitation on how much we are comfortable with earning. It can make us fearful of earning more money and because of that fearful feeling, it can make us hesitant of taking the actions required to earn more money.


In his book “I can make you rich”, Paul McKenna, a leading British Hypnotherapist, describes exactly this attitude towards money that the vast majority of people have. He calls it a “Wealth Thermostat”, and for the majority of people it is programmed by the way they were brought up at a pretty low level.


So how do you change your “Wealth Thermostat”, well for obvious reasons I’m not going to go into how Mr McKenna desribes it in his book, you’ll have to go and buy it, but what I will say is that I have been in the situation where my “Wealth Thermostat” was set very low, and because of it I did fear earning more money and because of that fear was paralysed by inaction.


I spent alot of maney learning about Internet Marketing, SEO, building websites, getting traffic and all that stuff, but rarely took any action on what I had learned. As a result my online income was virtually nothing. It was a few months ago that, when talking with a friend, that I realised that something was holding me back, it wasn’t my knowledge, it wasn’t my abilities, it was my mind; I was holding myself back. I was to blame for my inaction and I was to blame for not making money on the Internet.


Once I had realised this, I went out of my way to find out why. Then one day I was browsing through a bookstore and came across Mr McKennas’ book. I bought it and read it and it was brought home to me that my limitation was me, not the ebooks taht I had bought and not acted upon, not the forums posts I had dismissed as bad advice, it was my own mindset.


And that, in my opinion, is why so many people come into Internet Marketing and fail or just quit after a short time of trying.


If you are in the situation of not succeeding at Internet Marketing, don’t blame others, don’t even blame yourself, change you attitude and change your mindset and you will successed.


“I can make you RICH” By Paul McKeena is published by Bantam Press and available at



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