Most Internet Marketers think of using Private Label Rights (PLR) products as an easy way to make money online. And they are! PLR Products can save you a lot of time because you don’t need to create an information product from scratch. All you need to do is edit the PLR product, put your website or marketing message on it and sell it through your website.



But there is also another way of using PLR products for maximum profits. You see, alot of the information provided in PLR ebooks can just as easily be sold offline as it can online. The only difference is that you will have to create hard copies of the ebook to sell to people offline. How do you do that?


As long as the ebook is not to long, you can go to your local printers and have them run off a number of copies for you. The cost of this depends on the printing service of course, but in general you will usually find that the more copies you have printed, the less individual copies will cost you. You may also be able to negotiate a better price by offering the printers advertising space on the rear cover!


In most cases I would recommend having the ebook comb bound with a hard cardboard front and rear cover. Again this usually isn’t to expensive, but adds to the quality of the finished product.


Once you have your books printed you will need to sell them. Where? Well there are flea markets, car boot sales, church or school fetes and a load of other places you can sell them. You could enlist the help of a local book store, most will help sell your book for a small commission.


What kind of PLR product will sell best offline? Personally I would go for self help, how to, money saving or saving the environment books. These are subjects that most people are interested in.


This is just a simple idea for using PLR products offline, with just a little creative thought I’m sure you can come up with many others.



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