It is often the way that when things aren’t going the way we planned, we tend to use our minds in very negative ways.  We let our minds focus on the the things we don’t want to happen. It sapps our energy, our motivation and our confidence in ourselves.


I know this because earlier this year I feared somethings happening in my life, and through that fear I focused on what may happen, and guess what? They did!

Rather than focusing on how I could change those fears into positives I was like a rabbit in the headlights of a car. Instead of turning my mind to finding a solution to my problems, I was parallised into in-action.


It wasn’t until after those fears came true that I sought to make things better, rather than focusing on the problem, I now focus on solutions to the problem, and this huge shift in my mindset has started to make things much better for me.


The very simple method, outlined below, which takes just a few minutes each day, has changed me so much that I now have the motivation, confidence and energy to find solutions to my daily problems. It has helped make me more productive than I have ever been.

I’d lke to thank my good friend Mike for showing me such a simple method that I now use every morning when I get up and helps me be a better more successful person that I ever was before.


Here’s the simple method:


Root induction.

Looking to go through life giving smiles and enjoying the ride. Whilst helping people to gain confidence and to find their inner strengths and inner resources. Imagine becoming the person you want to be. How good would that be?


What would happen if all of a sudden you felt confident and happy? How would it feel? Imagine a time when you have felt confident and happy. Suppose you were to feel it twice as good as you remember it. Get that feeling now and double it. How good does that feel?


Some may say ” I Can’t remember feeling confident.” The question is are you confident your feet will touch the floor when you get up in the morning? Are you confident that you can dress yourself?


So you can feel confident now. Suppose you doubled that feeling. Double it now. How good does that feel?


Perhaps you have confidence now, Perhaps you would like to more will power. what will happen when you get it? How will you know that you have as much will power as you need to achieve all that you want to achieve? I’m just curious. 🙂


Or would you rather have some positive energy?


Sit yourself comfortably with both feet flat to the floor. Imagine that you’re growing roots from your feet through the floor into the earth below. They can be like roots from a pine tree that go down deep or like the root from an oak tree that spread out. The choice is yours.


While you are imagining that you can also imagine having a force field around your body just like the kids in the ready break advert. That force field is your protection. So your roots are spreading through the earth and you have a glow all around you. Protecting you.


At some point in your life you will have seen a single beam of sunlight shining through the clouds. Imagine you are standing in that single beam of sunlight. the sun is shining directly on to you. Your roots are growing and your glow us all around you. Now open a trap door or a hatch in the top of your head and allow that warm sunlight to shine into you.


As your roots spread and the sun into you you can feel your force fired get stronger, get brighter. You can feel the positive energy filling you up. How much brighter is your forcefield now? Collect all the nutrients you need from the earth through your roots and collect good strong positive energy from the universe. Feel your force field get brighter and stronger. you may even notice it has changed colour. When you are fully replenished you can close the hatch in your head, withdraw your roots, wipe your hands together and say “Thank you” to the universe for all the good positive energy and nutrients.


For more of Mike’s Confidence boosting methods, and a free confidence building mp3, go to



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