FanPageTsunami2 ReviewFacebook has done Internet Marketers a huge favour recently. By changing their system to only allow iframes on Fan Pages, they have made it extremly easy for markers like you, to put virtually anything you want on your Fan pages using Fan Page Templates.


One of the biggest problems that new Internet Marketers face when setting up Fan Pages is having a great professional looking page that draws peoples attention and calls them to action…


Well not any more. Pixelcrafter has created a massive set of graphics for you to use to create Facebook Fan Pages. The package includes over 200 Fan Page templates that you can modify to your needs. And what’s even better is that he has included instructional videos that show you step-by-step how to customise the templates, as well as how to create the Facebook Fan Page.


There are a couple of things that I would change though. Pixelcrafter recommends usng Adobe Dreamweaver to modify the HTML pages. Now Dreamweaver, although a great piece of software, is not cheap. A cheaper (FREE) alternative is Kompozer.


He also recommends using Adobe Photoshop to modify the graphics, again though there is a Free alternative. Gimp, is an open source graphics editor and can be used to read and modify .PSD files (the Photoshop format).

The Fan Page Tsunami package also includes all the code that you need to setup Reveal tabs. This is functionality that shows the Fan Page visitor an offer, and then when they Like the page, it will reveal more content so that they can download a report or be directed to a CPA or affiliate offer. This way you get more followers on your Fan Page, but also, as you know, when someone “Likes” a Fan Page it is automatically posted on thier own Facebook Wall and can be seen by all thier Facebook friends. This can make you page go viral in minutes, if you have the right offer and get you hundreds of followers in no time at all.


Don’t worry about having to modify code though, as this is all covered in the step-by-step videos that come with Fan Page Tsunami.


There are many uses for Fan Page Tsunami 2, you can use the graphics and HTML to promote your own or affiliate products and CPA offers, build email lists or you could use them to create Facebook Fan Pages for Offline clients like local businesses. Basically you are being provided with a huge amount of graphics and HTML that can help you make money in many ways, just let your imagination run wild with this one and as these great Fan Page Templates are available for just $17, you just can’t loose out.



Facebook Fan Page Templates


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