It is an unfortunate fact that there are many many businesses on the Internet who pray on the unsuspecting, often desperate people who want to make money on the Internet.

Over the years, I’ve spent a small fortune on Internet Marketing products, including software and instructional ebooks, and very few of them have actually helped me to move forward in my Internet Marketing endeavours.

But, that is partly my own fault, because I didn’t do any Due Diligence before hitting the order button. And the problem is, I am not alone! Thousands of people around the world do exactly the same thing, they read the sales page (often full of hype) and don’t actually do any research about the product or look for peoples REAL reviews (I’ll come back to why I’ve capitalised the REAL in a moment.

Just today, I was looking at some software, which in itself has some good reviews and I do know of one professional who uses it on a daily basis. I will get the software, but I was also looking at their affiliate program as I think many people can benefit from using the software, and wouldn’t mind promoting it. However, after just 10 minutes of research I have decided not to because I found too many negative reviews of the payment processing company.

Back to REAL reviews. If you search on Google (or any other search engine) using the term product name reviews, you will often find product reviews that are written based solely on the products sales page, not actually use/reading of the product. Under the recent laws in most countries, the reviewer must declare somewhere on their website that they will receive a commission if you purchase using the links on their pages. This declaration is usually in the footer (at the bottom) of the page, or there may be a link to an About Us or Earnings page in the footer. Read these carefully, as in many cases it is possible to work out that the reviewer hasn’t actually seen/used the product and are just promoting it to get paid a commission on the sale.

Another way of  checking out the product/company is to check out forums. On the Warrior Forum there is a section dedicated to internet marketing product reviews, and many people ask about a particular product to see if others have used or read it before they make a purchase. Another good source of product reviews is the Digital Point Forum.

On the Warrior Forum, you can find hundreds of Special Offers for sale, and many of them have buyer reviews of the products. My advise is to be wary of these reviews as many of them are written by people who have received a free copy of the product in exchange for a review, and when this happens it is rare that the reviewer will give a negative review of the product.

Also, be wary of products that set a time limit to it being sold. Often these time limits are false and if you go back to the sales page a few days later, the same time limits will being showing! If you are at all unsure if a product or company is good or good for your business (if you are starting a starting an online business yourself) then do your due diligence, ask  questions about the product/company on forums. If the product/company is not internet marketing related, do a search in Google using a search term such as product/company name + reviews + forum, and it may save you a lot of time and money!

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