Make Money Success Mindset


It is often the way that when things aren’t going the way we planned, we tend to use our minds in very negative ways.  We let our minds focus on the the things we don’t want to happen. It sapps our energy, our motivation and our confidence in ourselves.


I know this because earlier this year I feared somethings happening in my life, and through that fear I focused on what may happen, and guess what? They did!

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When we have ups and downs in our lives, whether it be work related, family related or in our friendships, we often ask ourselves a small question, is it me?

Although some would argue that this is a complex question requiring a complex answer based on the individual, but I think it boils down to the way we look at ourselves and the way we see ourselves.


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To be successful at making money through internet marketing you need 2 things that money can’t buy; Mindset and Motivation. What do I mean?


If you read through some internet marketing forums you’ll see lots of posts by people who have tried to make money on the Internet and have either failed but are still looking for that golden secret or just quit. The statisics that are bandied around say that 95% of people who try Internet Marketing fail to make any money at all.


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