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Make Money With Facebook

Make Money With Facebook

I had the chance to review FBAutoCash at the weekend… a brand new course by Mark Anastasi, a successful online marketer from Cyprus (a small island in the Mediterranean).


He makes millions of dollars as an affiliate, a seminar host and promoter, and a top JV partner for most of the big launches that have occurred in 2010 and 2011… but I had no idea that he was involved in Facebook in any way, until recently.



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When most people start out in internet marketing, making money through affiliate marketing can seem like an impossible task. There is so much information, and misinformation about how to go about it that you can quickly become overwhelmed into inaction. What do I mean by overwhelmed by inaction? Simply it means you spend so much time reading up and researching how to make money online that you do not take any steps towards your goal of making money online and get confused as to what actual steps you should be taking on a daily basis.


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There are 6 basic ways to make money online:


1. Promote affiliate products

2. Google adsense

3. Sell a service

4. Sell advertising

5. Sell physical products (think ebay)

6. Sell information


You’ll notice that the last 4 all involve selling something. That’s the approach I want to talk to you about today.


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Gathering the right information on learning how to sell online is priceless. Nearly every website on the Internet has one goal in mind: how to make money whilst spending as little money as possible.


In order to make money online, you need a simple plan of action.  In addition to that, you must possess the willingness and desire to take action and keep taking action until you start making money.


Here’s the kicker: be prepared to take the action necessary and couple it with a positive attitude towards success, and success will come your way sooner or later.


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If you are going to have a successful internet business, then it is important that you know the basics of internet market research. Internet marketing is any way that you seek to improve the awareness of your business in the online marketplace. It is common for a person to dive haphazardly into internet marketing programs without knowing their target audience, or even enough about their business.

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Plan to Make Money Online

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