In traditional keyword research, you’ll have learnt to find long tail keywords using Googles keyword tool, starting with broad matches and then drilling down to find the profitible long tail keywords that could make you money. There is a tonne of information about this on the Internet, and if you were to read the ebooks or website post, they all make mention of finding these keywords using basically the same methods.


Today though, I have watched an 86 minute video by Howie Schwartz that shows you a completely different way of finding profitable keywords. Basically he doesn’t use the traditional keyword tools like Googles’ own keyword tool or Wordtracker. In this video Howie shows you how to use information that Google provides you with, so that you can find profitable long tail keywords.


In the video, Howie is promoting his Apprentice System, and he does get excited about how many people watched the webinar live, but the information Howie provides in this video gives you a totally different pespective on finding long tail keywords without using the usual keyword tools.


Click the link to view the video -> Howie Schartz Keyword Research Video


Happy keyword hunting!



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